L, 34y, was experiencing annovulatory cycles (cycles where she didn’t ovulate) and had been told that her prolactin levels were very high. Her partner, M was told that his sperm morphology (shape) and motility (movement) were so poor that it was extremely unlikely that they would be able to conceive naturally. They were accepted for ICSI treatment (assisted conception) and were set to start this in a few months. However they wanted to get their bodies in good shape to give the treatment the best chance of working.

 They’d read a little about the benefits of acupuncture for women with fertility problems, but knew nothing about herbal medicine.

 L had had contraceptive pills since she was 18, and stopped 6 months ago when they started trying to have a baby. She had tests done in hospital (Jan 2009), which showed hyperprolactinemia (PRL: 1030mu/L) and no ovulation. On consultation, L was discovered to have those symptoms: tended to worry too much, easily caught cold, preferred warm drinks, extremely cold hands and feet, even needed to wear thick cotton socks in the summer, insomnia, had difficulty in falling asleep, severe constipation (once a week), occasional abdominal distention and acid reflux. Her cycle was 29-35 days, period lasted about 5 days, had period pain on the 2nd day, normal amount, red color with clots. Her pulse was wiry and thready, pink tongue with red tip, the root of tongue was yellow and thick. She has history of cystitis.

 According to Chinese medicine theory, this is a case that involves Kidney Yang deficiency, coldness in blood, Liver Qi stagnation. Therefore, acupuncture was applied once a week and herbal medicine daily. Her partner was treated at the same time. Find more here.

 Thee months later, L was pregnant naturally! And a beautiful baby girl was born in Dec 2009. (see photo).

Hyperprolactinemia related infertility