Slimming Decoction
        Sheng Shan Zha   15g
        Chen Pi                     9g
        Bai Fu Ling             12g
        Ze Xie                      15g
        Gan Cao                   3g
        He Ye                      15g

This prescription comes from a book Yan Shan Yi Hua. It is a book collecting experience of some renowned Chinese medicine doctors in China. Bao Pei Yuan is one of them. He was specialized in gynaecology and paediatrics.  His wife was well overweighted, and yet preferred greasy food for each meal. Therefore, he came out with this prescription, and gave it to his wife. Half a year later, she was much slimmer, and still in good spirit.

According to him, overweighted people have more phlegm and dampness inside than ordinary ones. Intake of more greasy food could make even more phlegm and dampness accumulated. In this prescription, Er Chen Tang is used to resolve phlegm and eliminate dampness; Shan Zha is to remove accumulation and stagnation; Ze Xie and Fu Ling to drain dampness and resolve phlegm; He Ye to disperse dampness.

Bao Pei Yuan’s granddaughter uses this prescription to treat obesity with very good result. And she prefers adding Yi Yi Ren to replenish Spleen and resolve dampness.

There is no name recorded for this prescription in the book. Since it is good for obesity, and high cholesterol, we may as well call it Slimming Decoction.

If boiling and taking herbs on daily basis doesn’t sound a long-tem solution, one can try to use Sheng Shan Zha and Sheng He Ye. Use them instead of tea leaves.

Over to you. What do you think? Have you used similar method in your practice? Please leave your thoughts and comments.

Slimming decoction