Traditional Chinese Medicine is a valuable treatment for children who experience enuresis. It may vary in individual child, but all forms of treatment including Tuina (paediatric massage), acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and dietary therapy are effective in treating enuresis. We will explore each one in later posts. Today I would like to introduce four acu-points we think are very useful and effective for paediatric enuresis.

Bai Hui (DU 20, GV 20)

Bai Hui is the meeting point on the Governing Vessel (Du Mai) with the six yang channels. Bai Hui is good at reinforcing and lifting yang, as it is the point where the body’s Yang energy naturally converges. Using it in enuresis can help strengthen the bladder and control urination.

In our experience, strong sensation is recommended. After insertion the needle, manipulate it towards four directions. Although strong sensation is desirable, we still need take child’s response into consideration. We may need to keep minimal stimulation or even massage if child can no stand the strong sensation.

San Yin Jiao (SP 6)

San Yin Jiao is the meeting point on the Spleen Channel with the Liver and Kidney Channels. It tonifies three Foot-yin, therefore regulates water flow and strengthen the bladder. We recommend needling with tip upwards, so the sensation goes towards the perineum. Moxa can be applied too.

Ye Niao Dian (Bedwetting Hand point)

Ye Niao Dian, also called Shen Xue, is not a regular acu-point, it belongs to Hand Acupuncture, a special branch of acupuncture.

It locates on the palmar surface of little finger, in the middle of the transverse crease of the distal interphalangeal joint. Needle perpendicularly, 0.2-0.5cun. If child can not bear the stimulation, we may use quick needling without retaining or even only use moxibustion.

Yi Niao Xue (Enuresis point)

Yi Niao Yue is an extra acupuncture point. As its name suggested, it is specific for nocturnal enuresis.

It locates on the sole of the foot, in the middle of the fifth metatarso-phalangeal crease. Needle perpendicularly, 0.3-0.5cun. If child can not stand the stimulation, we can use dermal needle instead.

4 special points for nocturnal enuresis
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