I have come across an article written by Simon A. Becker named ‘A Ritalin Alternative:  Acupuncture in the Treatment of ADHD’. In this article, he quoted a research in China that used Dr. Jin’s three point needles treatment (I am afraid that it is Dr. Jin, not Dr. Jiu as he mentioned).

Dr. Jin’s three point needled treatment emphasizes the use of head points, which might be an interesting point to make as “the findings of modern medicine which believes that the temporal lobe is closely related to the mental task of studying”. “This treatment approach leads to harmonization and disinhibition of the blood vessels where essence spirit can dwell and thus achieves its good results.” As an acupuncturist who works with children, I have used this technique in practice and found it effective.

In spite of its effectiveness, I have found that the compliance of this treatment hasn’t been brilliant. Simon also mentioned this in his article: “However, there are two points about Dr. Jiu’s three needles treatment that deserve more thought as to their clinical applicability. One is the frequency of treatments; the other is the heavy use of head points. Both of these factors, I believe, are of the essence for achieving treatment success with this protocol. It is both my opinion and experience that an abbreviated version of the above protocol needled once or even twice weekly would not be nearly as effective as the protocol presented above. This means, then, that the parent has to bring the child to the acupuncture clinic five times per week for three months and has, if regular Western acupuncture rates are charged, to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, it is also my opinion and experience that few Western parents are willing to do so. Hence, solutions to the above problems need to be found.”

I totally agree with Simon’s concern. In practice I have used its modified protocol, which is to use acupressure, moxibustion or dermal needle instead. And I have seen some benefits, although not as equally good as the needling protocol, but at least both parents and children are willing to give it a try.

A Ritalin Alternative – Acupuncture in the Treatment of ADHD
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