Winter is here. Many around us have caught common cold already. I would like to introduce a quick acupuncture method here.

It is very simple – three groups of points are chosen.

  • Feng Fu (DU16) and Feng Chi (GB20)

As a meeting point of the Foot Shaoyang and Hand Shaoyang channel, with the Yang Motility (Yang Qiao) and Yang Linking (Yang Wei) vessels, Feng Chi (GB20) is one of the most important points to eliminate wind. While Feng Fu (Du16), as the meeting point of the Governing (Du) and Yang Linking (Yang Wei) vessels, is good at boosting the Yang Qi, therefore it is preeminent for eliminating the wind. As a group, they serve the function of strengthening body defense as well as removing pathogenic factor.

  • Ye Men (SJ2) and Zhong Zhu (SJ3)

Both are points on the Sanjiao channel of Hand Shaoyang. The key is to needle Ye Men with the tip towards Zhong Zhu.

  • Optional points

Mu Xue – Master Tung point – for running nose

Nei Guan (PC6) – for nasal obstruction

Above-mentioned are clinical experience. Results can be seen straight away (although not 100%). It is worth trying.

Quick Acupuncture for Common Cold
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