Previously, we have talked about constipation from TCM perspective. We have already known that our digestive tract is a long hollow tube with several organs involved, but do we know where the problem is with constipation. Colon? Possibly, but not always. Remember feces are only the product from the other end of the tract. Basically, any blockage along the tract will cause difficulties in the bowel movement. This explains why sometimes constipated patients have other-than-colon symptoms with no bowel movement sensation at all.

I have recently seen a woman who has constipation for more than six months. It started from difficult bowel movement to no sensation at all. She has regularly used colonic hydrotherapy. It worked at first with once a month or one and a half month. Then it became less desirable. By the time she saw me, she had two colonic in a week and she didn’t pass any after the last one. She said she didn’t have any bowel movement sensation at all, but she felt awful as her stomach and abdomen were so bloated that she looked like being pregnant. She couldn’t eat anything and she felt lethargic. I treated her with acupuncture. On the day after the first acupuncture session, she passed out a good amount of stools. I am not saying that acupuncture is superior to colonic hydrotherapy whatsoever. I am saying that constipation can be rooted other than colon.

I am not against colonic hydrotherapy. I believe it exists for a reason as many have benefited from it. However, I still would like to make a point here. Laziness is the nature of the colon. It moves when there is a need. While a machine makes your colon move for you in stead of it moving by itself, in the long term your colon will become even lazier until stop function at all. From this point of view, I am not in favour of frequent colonic hydrotherapy within a short period of time.

Is colonic hydrotherapy the answer to constipation?
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