S (38y, Didsbury) came for acupuncture before her IVF. She hasn’t had her period since her anorexia 12 years ago. Although her weight has increased to 8 stones, she still doesn’t have period and ovulation. I offered her weekly acupuncture treatment. The great new is that she is six months pregnant now, having been successful at the first attempt at IVF.

The interesting part of her case is that she also has psoriasis since she was 7 years old. There is no improvement after different types of treatment. She sent me a text after four sessions of acupuncture treatment, “You have cleared my psoriasis! I haven’t been this good since I was 7!!!” Read her testimonial

Why? I remember she asked me why. Very good question indeed!

The answer is Yi Bing Tong Zhi, which means treating different diseases with the same method. In Chinese medicine, we make diagnosis based on symptoms rather than diseases. For her fertility issue, apart from Kidney aspect, the Spleen aspect can not be overlooked. Her anorexia was mainly the reason of her problems. Spleen is the source of Qi and Blood. Therefore, I used points such as Zu San Li, San Yin Jiao, Di Ji for that purpose. Xue Hai, Tai Chong, He Gu were also in her prescription, which promote the circulation of Qi and Blood. In Chinese medicine, Stasis and Blood deficiency are often the factors when it comes to psoriasis although there are other factors. Therefore, by treating her fertility problems we actually treated psoriasis at the same time. This is what we call two birds, one stone.

Interestingly, another patient of mine has just found her verruca gone while undergoing fertility acupuncture treatment. Read her testimonial

Believe or not, this is no coincidence.

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Two Birds, One Stone
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