A (36y, Macclesfield) came for acupuncture treatment while waiting for IVF. Incomplete fallopian tube blockage was the only abnormality among all the tests that she and her husband had. Hospital didn’t tell her the reason or the nature of the blockage, or at least not that she could recall. She couldn’t think of any inflammation or anything like in the past either. Because Amanda not only wanted some preparation for IVF but also would like to see whether she could get pregnant naturally, so she took my advice and had acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine together.

Several aspects needed to be considered in her case. A) therapeutic routine for fertility issue – regulate the cycle and regulate kidney Yin-Yang; B) tube blockage – Stasis, Phlegm, Dampness; C) she doesn’t like cold at all, always has cold feet and hands – a sign of Yang deficiency; D) her stress of long-time waiting for IVF and being unable to get pregnant while it seems everybody around her becomes pregnant.

Weekly acupuncture and daily herbal medicine were the treatments she had. It wasn’t long before both Amanda and her husband found that her mood became definitely much better and she could take in things while she couldn’t before. Her symptoms along the cycle were improved as well. I saw her first on 9th April, and I received her text at 7:30 in the morning on 23rd June “just had a positive pregnancy test!!!!!” And even then they were still on the waiting list for their first IVF attempt.

Our treatment continued till after her week 12 scan. On her 20-week scan, “the baby is very wriggly”. Great news!

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Become pregnant while waiting for IVF