G (38y, Stockport) suffered postnatal depression, anxiety, insomnia when her daughter was about 16 weeks old. Due to her daughter’s colic, she developed insomnia first, then depression and anxiety. All of sudden, everything seemed dull in her eyes. In her own words: “Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter to bits. It just feels like I am not enjoying this any more. I worry all the time. I can’t get into sleep, I am exhausted.”

I gave her weekly acupuncture. My selection of points included Ying Tang, Bai Hui, Ben Shen, Shen Ting, Dou Lin Qi, Si Shen Chong, Zu San Li, San Yin Jiao, Tai Chong, He Gu, ear Shen Men, ear Heart, ear sympathetic nerve. Around 6-8 points were used each time.

She reported on her second visit that her sleep was better and she was less anxious. On her fourth visit, she described her life “brighter” again. She had altogether seven sessions of acupuncture. She feels the joy of motherhood again.

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Image source – nipic.com

Postnatal Depression: a patient story