C, from Altrincham, limped into my clinic suffering from sciatic pain. She got it from flight and lifting suitcase. She found herself leaning forward upon sitting because of pain, let alone driving. She had pain in the lower back area, around L4 – S1, both sides. The pain on the left side went down along the lateral side of the leg, lateral side of the ankle, lateral side of the foot and toes. She couldn’t put her left foot down on the floor. She even needed some help with getting on the couch. Remind you, she is only in her 40s.

I treated her with some points on her legs and right arm using corresponding meridians. When the session finished, she got off the couch quickly without any self-awareness of pain. She even wiggled her body like dancing – happy!

Good to see that. Even so, I reminded her to babysit her body. Take it easy, our body needs certain time to recover and adjust itself. Simple yet important.

Sciatic pain
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