Fertility acupuncture has been proven beneficial in supporting IVF. Read researches from previous posts.

Acupuncture can be used along every stage of the IVF. Find out what we can help here. Different protocols have widely known and used in practice. Apart from those, I have found certain ear points are very helpful in improving egg quantity and successful implantation.

When it comes to women who have poor response from previous cycle(s) or very poor ovarian reserve or previous early miscarriage, alongside with normal acupuncture treatment, I use certain ear points to assist. My approach is to leave ear seeds on at the end of the session so that the stimulation will be there between the sessions. Sometimes the results are amazing. Of course, we need to know the balance in practice – stimulate but not over-stimulate.


J (Stockport) had one IVF cycle early this year with no success. She didn’t respond well towards the drugs, only four eggs and one fertilized and transferred on day 3. Several months later, they decided to give it another go (same protocol and drugs). This time, she got 15 eggs, of which two are 19 mm, 7 fertilized.

Ear Points to Assist IVF
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