Cher (36y) is pregnant naturally!

Over the last three years, Cher has been to many gyneacologists. They all told her the same thing – ‘All the tests are fine, you won’t have problem with pregnancy. Just be patient.’ Yes, she did have ovulation every month. But her ovulation was normally so late that it was usually four days before next period. Again, she was assured by specialists that this was not the issue. However, she was not very convinced. Plus time was not on her side. She came to see me.

It is a good thing that Cher has regular ovulation. However, ovulation is not the only thing that matters. Implantation of a fertillised egg matters as well. The success of implantation has as much to do with the quality of the embryo as to have a healthy and permissive endometrium. In western medicine, to maintain a good-quality, receptive, secretory endometrium the progesterone level produce by the corpus luteum must be high. Blood test taken in the middle of this phase gives a good indication of that. In Chinese medicine, we emphasize the role of Kidney Yang at this stage. In practice, we would prefer luteal phase no shorter than 12 days.

Cher’s first session was just after period. She had acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, plus moxibustion from 2 days before ovulation. She is pregnant in just 2 month!

Short Luteal Phase