J, 29y, had been on contraceptive pills for 11 years up till 14 months ago when they decided to have a family. However, she has had irregular periods with cycles ranging from 38 to 65 days. Ovulation is difficult to track as we can imagine with such irregular cycles. In fact, she did try to check for almost a third time of her last cycle with no positivity at all. While she is undergoing various tests in the hospital, she has decided to try acupuncture. Two days after her third acupuncture session, her period arrived. 36 days cycle, shortest ever!

Of course, one may say it could be a fluke. I won’t argue about that, everybody has his own way to interpret things. The way I see it is that acupuncture helps promote circulation, balance hormones and regulate cycle.

Anyway, for this kind of case (as I’ve informed her at the initial consultation), what we need to do first is to establish a regular (or regular-ish) cycle, then to ovulate, and ovulate at the right time. Normally it takes a few cycles. This is just the beginning, long way to go, so keep it up!

text from J

Shortest Cycle Ever
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