While miscarriage is heartbreaking, recurrent miscarriage can be traumatic. Women who have had two or more miscarriages in the past don’t even dare to try, being afraid of living through the tragedy one more time.

It has been estimated that chromosomal abnormalities account for up to 70% of the miscarriage. Is acupuncture able to interfere in a natural process to terminate a pregnancy that is not optimal? There are too many articles and researches reported, those who are interested can look them up. My opinion is that acupuncture is not powerful enough to intervene a pregnancy that is ultimately not viable, but it ensures that a woman is in her best possible state to avoid miscarriage. Therefore, I advise women to start acupuncture treatment before the pregnancy occurs.

Case 1

J. 31y, two miscarriages in 6 months, both happened around 5 weeks with bleeding (threatened miscarriage). She came for acupuncture at the beginning of the cycle when they wanted to try again. As soon as she found out her pregnancy later on of the cycle, miscarriage prevention started. Acupuncture was also used for her anxiety at the same time as her state of worry can be imaged. Her treatment stopped after her 12 weeks’ scan.

Case 2

L, 35y, two miscarriages in 4 months, both happened around 5/6 weeks with scan showing no heartbeat (missed miscarriage). I first saw her when she was pregnant for the third time of 5 weeks and I told her that it may be already too late to do anything. Unfortunately it was the case, it happened at week 6. She was suggested to have a break and come before when they were ready to try again.

Four months later, she came back preparing to try again (one and a half month later). Acupuncture was used to prepare the body prior to pregnancy and then to prevent miscarriage once pregnancy happened. She had weekly acupuncture with two sessions during week 6. When 13 weeks’ scan showed normal, she was relieved and very happy.

Recurrent miscarriage cases