Here we go, my dear friends, let’s talk about water first.

Westerners like drinking cold water while our Chinese prefer warm water, even my twenty-year old  niece has a thermos with her all the time. I often suggest my clients to drink warm water or eat warm food, or at least try, why?

Chinese medicine theory mostly comes from nature and the understanding of nature.  So …

  • What happens when cold water gets into hot oil? Splashing and sizzling.
  • What happens when fat meets cold water? Coagulating and hardening.
  • Do you feel the stillness in winter when creeks and rivers are frozen? Do you share the joy of water running when spring finally arrives?
  • Do you feel you need to wee more often in winter?
  • Do you feel every muscle and bone shrink or restricted when out and about on a wintery day?

I can go on and on, but I believe there is no need, I believe you have seen my point here.

Drinking warm water soothes and activates our digestive tract. Warm water dilates the blood vessels and stimulates the blood flow, aiding our digestive process. Whilst as we can imagine cold water requires the stomach to warm it up in order to break the foods down, as a result our digestive system is compromised. Slowed digestion likely creates symptoms such as sluggish bowel movements, bloating, constipation, weight gain or difficult to lose weight, etc.

Warm water helps clearing mucus, which can alleviate sinus and respiratory problems. The warmth creates steam which helps dissolve the congestion. The higher temperature speeds up the rate at which mucus may travel, loosening clogged sinus. So next time when you have a head cold or hay fever, you may want to grab a hot drink instead of a cold one.

Warmth improves circulation, everyone knows, but do we actually know? When we go for a swim during menstrual cycle? When we drink ice water on a cold rainy winter night? When someone with high blood pressure or heart problem or Raynaud’s go out for a walk on a cold day? Probably not. Warm water is a natural vasodilator and a natural pain killer, it helps aches and pains of all kinds, it relaxes our body and mind as well.

Over to you. Are you willing to give it a try? Let us know on Facebook.

Until next time.

Drinking Warm Water