Recurrent miscarriage cases

Shortest cycle ever (irregular periods)

My period came (PCOS)

Short Luteal Phase

Ear Points to Assist IVF

Period Pain

Improving Thin Uterine Lining

Worng side, right side (acupuncture for lower back pain and pain in the leg)

Sciatic pain

Postoperative shoulder pain

Postnatal depression

Become pregnant while waiting for IVF (incomplete fallopian tube blockage)

Pregnant at last (IVF support & miscarriage)

Two birds, one stone (IVF preparation & skin problems)

Chronic and severe pain in sternum, collar bone, shoulders, scapulas, neck & restricted shoulder and arm movement

Have faith (a baby boy born one year after fertility treatment)

Tinnitus (middle stage – between acute and chronic, 3 weeks)