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Other Research

IVF Support

Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy

Influence of acupuncture stimulation on pregnancy rates for women undergoing embryo transfer

Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women: a prospective, randomized trial

The relationship between perceived stress, acupuncture, and pregnancy rates among IVF patients: a pilot study

Substitution of acupuncture for HCG in ovulation induction

Acupuncture: Female Fertility & IVF


Improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms with acupuncture: results of a randomized controlled trial

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Acupuncture For Prebirth Treatment: An Observational Study Of Its Use In Midwifery Practice 

A randomised controlled trial into the effects of acupuncture on cervical ripening

Effects of Acupuncture During Labor and Delivery in a U.S. Hospital Setting: A Case–Control Pilot Study

Women’s Health

Effects of Auricular Acupressure on Menstrual Symptoms and Nitric Oxide for Women with Primary Dysmenorrhea


Effects of Acupuncture on Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidence from Neuroimaging Studies

Neuronal Specificity of Acupuncture in Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients: A Functional MRI Study

Acupuncture Beats Drug For Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment