Acupuncture, anxiety, panic attacks, Stockport

Following a stressful period spanning my teenage years, I developed what later was diagnosed as anxiety with panic attack.  For years I was treated with anxiolytic drugs, which were useful in some respects but did not provide full relief and had side effects. I eventually stopped as my anxiety lessened, due to improved security in my life, but did not go away. Then last summer, I had the notion to try acupuncture, never having tried it before.  I had no idea what to expect.  Following my first treatment at Lin’s practice, I began having feelings of less apprehension of anxiety-inducing events and an increase in positive thoughts.  Upon further treatment, I started experiencing relief of physiological symptoms in a way I haven’t before – I began to see glimpses of my care-free pre-teen self.  Additionally and interestingly my concentration span has improved.  I have tried briefly a couple of other practices, however I find Lin’s practice unique in the relief I feel physiologically and psychologically.

YK, Stockport