Acupuncture, endometriosis, Manchester

I can thoroughly recommend Lin for acupuncture. 

I started coming to her in October 2021 with extremely debilitating cramps and an erratic menstrual cycle. I started seeing improvements quicker than I could have believed and my monthly pain went from over 10 to around 6, then 4 and steadily down. 

I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis following surgery in December and my pain and inflammation increased again hugely as a result. Sessions with Lin have brought this back under control to a life changing degree.  

Lin is extremely knowledgeable and specialised in what she does and she will recommend the sessions you need for your particular condition and severity. The time and cost is a definite investment in your health and it is worth it for Lin’s expertise, particularly in women’s health. If you are patient with your body and your treatment you will see the pay off.

L McBride, 33y, Manchester