Acupuncture, fertility, Stockport

After conceiving my first baby straight away, I was really frustrated that when trying for my second baby, after 14 months of trying with a miscarriage in the middle, I still hadn’t conceived.

I monitored my ovulation and soon realised that my luteal phase was short. I went to see Lin and after the first session within a few days, I had ovulated, a week earlier than normal.

That same month I conceived, only a few weeks after starting acupuncture with Lin. I continued seeing Lin every week for my first trimester and I am now 35 weeks along with a healthy baby.

I have no doubt that it was thanks to Lin and the acupuncture sessions that I conceived. I am now going to go back to see Lin weekly in the month before I am due as I am convinced the acupuncture helps with everything as it claims to. I couldn’t be happier.

KS, 38y, Stockport