Acupuncture, fertility, anxiety, Crewe

I came to see Lin after heartbreakingly having a termination for medical reasons for our first baby at 15 + 2. Our baby had a condition that was incompatible with life.

We wanted to become pregnant again and we were trying to conceive for our second baby, it was the hardest time we had been through. We were grieving so much for our first and it felt like we were not going to be pregnant again with our second. 

I was recommended Lin by my friend, who after failed IVF and miscarriages had seen Lin and became pregnant through IVF and had a little baby girl – she swore it was Lin that helped and now I can say I truly believe this myself.

I began to see Lin 7 months after our loss – my periods were extremely heavy and clotty, after approximately 10/12 of Lin’s treatments my periods and body seemed so much more settled, physically and emotionally, my periods were light with no clots. In May we got a positive pregnancy test! We could not believe it, Lin could! I am now 17 weeks. 

Lin one of the kindest, compassionate people I have ever met and I truly believe she is gifted in her vocation. She is so knowledgeable and helps to calm, restore and give back that faith – I can’t thank Lin enough. I had weekly appointments up to 13 weeks pregnant, this definitely helped with symptoms such as morning sickness, bowel issues and anxiety while waiting for the 12 week scan. 

Thank you Lin from the bottom of my heart! 

KO, 34y, Crewe, Cheshire