Acupuncture, fertility, Manchester

I visited Lin on a weekly basis to aid with fertility. I immediately felt at ease and I felt like a weight of worry had lifted from me from the very first appointment. I’ve had acupuncture before but I didn’t feel this relaxed afterwards. I had been trying for a baby for nearly two years and I was beginning to feel very upset with the situation. My husband noticed the difference in my outlook straight away, I felt so much more positive and Lin had advised me to chart my cycle which made me feel I had a level of control.

I fell pregnant on my first cycle; I was and still am in shock as I never thought it would happen to me. I cannot recommend Lin enough to anyone who is trying to have a baby. I am 17 weeks pregnant now and she has helped me through morning sickness too. I will go back to Lin from 36 week to prepare my body for the birth. Thank you Lin, you have given me the greatest gift in the world!

Mrs CM, 36y, Northenden, Manchester

Acupuncture, fertility, natural pregnancy, Manchester.