Acupuncture & Herbs, fertility, PCOS, Warrington

6 months ago, I was ready to give up conceiving naturally. Having been to the fertility ward, I understood fully that the problem lies with my body, my reproductive system is not up to par. I was put on treatments and that had failed. The consultant was ready to explore the next steps with me, which I wasn’t keen on and then one of the nurses mentioned on my way out asking if I have considered acupuncture.

I went home and did some online research, discovered that acupuncture came highly recommended by a lot of fertility specialists. I was skeptical, being a Chinese I have never really been exposed to Chinese medicine. Only knew that Chinese medicine is more gentle than western ones hence takes longer to take effect. Anyway, I came upon Lin’s treatments and she was very upfront with me about my condition. She told me that it will take at least 3 months to take effect, I agreed to her suggestions of doing both acupuncture and taking the Chinese medicine. 3 months later, I was pregnant!

It still seems so unbelievable to me. I am now a believer. Having shared my experience with other mummies to be at antenatal groups made me realise that acupuncture didn’t just work for me. It has worked for so many other women as well! And I believe Lin is the best practitioner you can get. She is very very professional, patient, caring, understanding and at the same time also honest and transparent with her treatments. Whenever I had any queries, I could just reach out to her easily for support. She has nurtured an environment for her patients that is very comforting and reliable. I am eternally grateful for Lin’s help.

Wendy N, 32y, Warrington 

P.S. She posted photo above on her FB, ‘I’m not fat, I’m PREGNANT!’ (photo used with her permission)

Acupuncture & Herbs, fertility, PCOS, Warrington.