Acupuncture, fertility, atypical PCOS, Didsbury

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in January 2016 via a private ultrasound after not having a period since stopping the contraceptive pill in September 2015. I was told I had the atypical type as I was not overweight, didn’t present with any physical signs and all blood tests were normal. My new husband and I desperately wanted a baby so I was devastated by this news. I therefore started to look into alternative/Chinese medicine. I started taking various supplements / herbs and researching acupuncture. This is when I came across Lin. Her practice was local to me and had great reviews. So I wasted no time in booking an appointment. Lin was very approachable and put me at ease instantly. She was friendly, professional and always had a positive outlook on my situation. She always reassured me that things weren’t as bad as I thought and gave me the belief that I would get pregnant. I had every confidence in her and I always felt really happy, relaxed and motivated after our sessions. Lin is very skilled and knowledgeable in what she does that I barely felt the tiny needles go into my skin. After just 5 weeks of acupuncture I fell pregnant! I continued to visit Lin weekly during the first three months of my pregnancy for miscarriage prevention. I now have a beautiful baby girl. Lin played a big part in fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents and I can’t thank her enough. She is amazing at what she does and I will definitely be returning when it’s time for baby number two!

Anonymous, 33y

Didsbury, Manchester