Acupuncture, fertility, irregular periods, Sale

Me and my husband were trying for a baby for six months but nothing happened. Our GP just advised us to keep trying and I started feeling very disheartened and tearful. My periods are irregular ranging from 32-45 days. I looked up acupuncture in my area and found Lin’s practice. We went to see her with an open mind and found her approach very reassuring and calming. She reassured us that our case wasn’t serious and that we had a good chance of getting pregnant soon. We were also advised to use ovulation sticks to maximise our chances each month. Her acupuncture treatment was very relaxing and helped me feel more optimistic. After just the third weekly session we found out that we got pregnant. I still received treatment up until just after the first scan to help protect my pregnancy. We recently welcomed a healthy baby boy four weeks early and we are so grateful that Lin helped us conceive a gorgeous baby. Thank you!

Selina & Sean