Acupuncture for severe pain, Manchester

“It’s a Miracle”

I had my gallbladder removed 12 years ago in 2011 and from that day onwards I have been in constant agonising, unrelenting, crippling pain in my back. I returned to the hospital on numerous occasions begging for help. I had many scans and examinations which didn’t show anything. I changed hospitals after 4 years where I went through the same examinations for a further 8 years. I’ve tried all the heavy prescription drugs i.e. Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Tramadol and many others, none of which helped me. Eventually I found only morphine plus paracetamol and chillie rubbing cream helped but only for a couple of hours. I saw numerous Private Consultants alongside the NHS Consultants with no joy. Eventually it was suggested that it was in my imagination! The nights (and days) that I have cried in pain and frustration are endless. My life, and the lives of my husband and children were miserable as my family could only watch and pray for a solution. It was then discovered that I had damaged nerves in the bile duct sustained during the gallbladder operation all those years ago in 2011 and unfortunately little or nothing could be done to release me from this endless torment which had become my everyday life. Somebody suggested acupuncture and as I had tried everything else I thought I would give it a go. I did my homework and found a delightful Chinese Acupuncturist called Lin Du on Dialstone Road, Stockport. I walked into her Consulting Room doubled over, crying in agony. My daughter, Suzanne, had to speak on my behalf as I was unable to utter a word and had to be helped onto the examination table. That’s when the “magic” occurred ! She inserted the needles into my head, arm, leg and ear and asked me to relax as I listened to soothing music. Suzanne told me that within 2 minutes I was snoring so loudly I was rattling the furniture as she sat there with tears of relief streaming down her face. Lin awoke me after 30 minutes and I got off the bed, unaided, like a young woman (I’m 73 years old) and felt wonderful and PAIN FREE ! I slept uninterrupted for 10 hours that night. This was only 2 weeks ago and in those 14 days I have been totally pain free for 10 of them which is miraculous. I still get the odd day when the pain returns but it doesn’t last long. I have 2 more sessions booked for next week when she goes back to China for her holiday but she assures me I will be pretty much pain free by then. For the first time in years I feel as though I have a bright future ahead of me instead of the gruelling night and day exhausting torturous agony which I have endured for all these years. Lin is my hero and has given me back the will to live which was slipping away with every passing day of torment. The sun is shining for me once more and it is all thanks to Lin Du “the miracle worker “. Thank you Lin. I will be grateful to you every day for the rest of my pain free life.

PR, Denton, Manchester