Acupuncture, IVF, Poynton

When choosing to undergo acupuncture along with my IVF cycle, Lin helped me clearly understand the benefits & the process of supporting IVF with acupuncture. Lin was extremely flexible during my IVF treatment to flex appointments to fit in around the unpredictable cycle which IVF is. I really embraced the experience of IVF and actually really enjoying the sessions through each stage of down regulation, stimulation & transfer. After each session I felt very relaxed and very positive in myself, I felt this was one way I could make a contribution to the IVF treatment, keeping calm, relaxed and positive. I was very lucky as IVF worked first time for me. Lin is very knowledgeable and you can ask her anything not just about the acupuncture itself but any other queries you have with IVF and general health etc. After a positive pregnancy I continued to see Lin up to 12 weeks for miscarriage prevention. I’m now 18 weeks pregnant and feel acupuncture has made a real difference to my outcome. I now would never go through this IVF experience without acupuncture again.

Karen, 33y, Poynton, Stockport