Acupuncture, long Covid, Stockport

I caught covid in august 2021 and was still struggling with extreme fatigue and muscle aches 8 weeks later. A friend who had been suffering with long covid recommended I try acupuncture. Having done some research I found Lin. Thank goodness!

Over the last 6 months I have gradually recovered and I am convinced the acupuncture has been a huge part of this.

It helped me physically for sure – both in terms of incrementally increasing energy, and also with the aches as Lin was able to adapt her treatment each time based on where I felt pain. Lin also showed me techniques I can use at home to help support my energy.

However just as importantly, acupuncture with Lin also helped me mentally. It can be so frustrating to hear “there’s nothing we can do; we don’t understand Long covid yet” from medical professional after professional. So to hear someone say “I can help you with this,” and feel like there WAS something I could do made a huge difference in terms of feeling empowered.  I cannot recommend Lin highly enough.