Acupuncture, neck & shoulder pain, Manchester

I have been battling with a pain in my sternum/chest due to a trauma I had to this area over 10 years ago. Since having children 5 years ago it became more server and chronic and I started to have problems with my upper back, shoulders and neck. I have seen many specialists and undergone lots of physiotherapy both of which had not been successful. I am limited to the amount of pain relief I can take for I am very sensitive to them and experience strange side effects.

I came to Lin in desperation. I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t lift my arms any higher than shoulder level. I was limited to movement and having two young children to look after I was struggling badly. Life was very difficult for me and I was starting to feel extremely miserable and depressed.

My first session with Lin was wonderful. She was very friendly and listened to my problem with great care and attention. She reassured me with what she was going to do and where on my body the needles would go. After the treatment the results were instant. I could move my arms much more freely and the pain levels decreased dramatically. I was amazed!!

I have been back again for a few more sessions to make sure the results are lasting and now I’m well on my way to a pain free and happier life. I would recommend Lin to anyone for she has been my saviour.

Katy, Northenden, Manchester