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Diagnosis: Rheumatoid Arthritis

History of illness: Sudden onset of disease still persisting after 8 weeks

Symptoms: Severe oedema and inflammation and stiffness of various joint which were symmetrical and typical of RA. Joints affected: ankles, knees, hips, fingers, wrists, jaw, elbows and shoulders. My mobility was very poor and I needed considerable help with my personal needs. All activities were painful, the majority severely.

Seen urgently by Consultant Rheumatologist and treated with steroid injection ( which I was told would last only 1 month ) this within days gave considerable relief from oedema and pain. X-rays showed no joint damage. Unfortunately after 2 weeks the symptoms started to return and I was seen again and started again and started on 10 mg of oral steroids and 3 weeks later on Methotrexate. In spite of anti inflammatory medication (Arthrotec ) and other painkillers which included Tramadol I found the pain, particularly in my shoulders, unbearable.

Reason for consulting Dr Yu :

I had previously had acupuncture for back pain, with good results and decided to try acupuncture for pain, which I know has been shown to be useful in RA.

Consultation with Dr Yu:

I saw Dr Yu about 1 month before I started with Methotrexate but I had just started on oral steroids a few days prior to the consultation, I was delighted that Dr Yu had a PhD in rheumatology and thoroughly understood the illness and the medication I was taking.

After taking my medical history he prescribed a course of acupuncture, acupressure massage and Chinese Herbs, explaining that they would not interfere with my western medication but would not only help symptoms and pain but would help with the side effects of the western medicine.

Response to treatment:

From the 1st treatment I began to have relief from pain. While the herbs are very bitter, I had had only 2 treatments and then there was a 2 week break because of Christmas and I felt a bit panicky at the thought of not having the acupuncture which I felt was really helping. I had the herbs to take twice a day and need not have panicked as I began to really improve, I had much greater mobility even going for a short walk on my own. I need less help with personal needs and I began to see the real possibility of my life returning to normal. From the comfort of my armchair I felt that I could soon return to work which was a little over optimistic and both my hospital consultant and Dr Yu advised against such a plan. After only a few more weeks I returned to work a few hours a week and after a month

back to my full hours. I have been back at work full time for 3 weeks and I am taking care of myself taking regular breaks through the day. I have acupuncture every 2 weeks and the herbs once a day.

My health has really improved and I am virtually back to normal, I am a bit slower in a few things and get tired more easily but the improvement overall is amazing when I look back and see how ill I was. I do hope I continue to improve but if not I can live quite happily as I am now.

I feel the help I have been given by Dr Yu and TCM has been a considerable help in my recovery. RA is not a curable disease and the quicker that damage is prevented the better. I am glad I sought help early on. Methotrexate takes 3 months to work, and as I only started it in mid January to be able to return to work in March something else must have been working!!! My hospital consultants team know I am having TCM and are happy for me to do so long as it does not interfere with the prescribed medication.

I can thoroughly recommend this clinic which is very professional and I have been treated with the utmost kindness and professionalism by Dr Yu.

Pamela C.

Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sale