Acupuncture & Herbs, tremor, long Covid, alopecia, Hale

The Beginning

My shoulder hurt and it was difficult & painful to move my arm. The G.P. diagnosed a Frozen Shoulder. It would take 6 months to clear up. My husband took me to see Dr. Yu who laughed and stuck needles in the foot diagonally opposite my shoulder. After quite a short time he said, “Now raise your arm.” I did, almost the full stretch and there was no pain. It was a 6 minute rather than a 6 month cure.

The Infected Finger

I had a nail infection that was unsightly painful, sometimes swollen and producing pus. Over the next 3 years my G.P. and National Health Dermatologists prescribed various antibiotics and creams but nothing made a lasting difference. Eventually the nail almost came off. Then I showed it to Dr. Yu. He suggested that I pinched hard around the top of the finger every day for 30 minutes. After 2 or 3 months the infection cleared and the nail grew back.


My husband remarked that my head was bobbing and nodding. I also noticed that my left hand sometimes shook. The G.P. thought that these symptoms might indicate early stage Parkinson’s Disease. Nothing to be done!

Dr. Yu’s approach was to treat the tremor with acupuncture, massage and a few simple exercises

to stimulate the flow of blood to the brain. He also showed me how the tremor would stop if I slowly turned my head from side to side and smiled. I can now control the tremor in my head and hand by stopping & turning & smiling but I still have massage and continue with the exercises.


After having Covid my hair started to fall out. It was noticeably thinner which I found upsetting. In consulting Dr. Yu, he asked whether I would be prepared to take herbs in addition to the acupuncture he would use to treat the Alopecia. We discussed the matter fully and I decided that this was a good course of action, particularly as I had already experienced how herbs had completely cleared an awful rash.

Just 4 weeks later my hair was growing back and there was an improvement in my skin and nails. Furthermore I felt very well and full of energy. I really wanted to continue with the treatment.

Recently I have developed Age-related Macular Degeneration and Dr. Yu is interested to see whether the herbs that benefit my hair, skin and nails will also help my eye health.


My husband and I caught Flu in December and were ill for 4 weeks. We both had hard non-productive coughs. Jan’s cleared as he got better, but I went onto develop a chest infection. Antibiotics were prescribed but they did not completely cure the cough. I had a chest X-ray, but the results had not come through when I eventually was able to see Dr. Yu. He prescribed herbs to be taken on their own over 2 weeks. The cough has now gone. Meanwhile the results from the first chest X-ray have come through. They show that there is still an infection so the G.P. has booked me in for a further X-ray. I am sure it will be clear. The cough has gone.

D, Hale Altrincham