Acupuncture, fertility, low AMH, Stockport

At the age of 33 we conceived our first child very easily, so when we decided to try for number two a couple of years later we thought it would be a simple process again. 16 months later we still hadn’t conceived despite everything being ‘right on paper’ – I was ovulating, regular 28 day periods etc. We decided to go private and after several tests we were told I had low AMH. We then had a big decision to make regarding trying IVF. During my many googling sessions about low AMH I came across a lot of positive information with regards to acupuncture. I can honestly say I never thought it would work but I was at the stage of I’ll try anything!  We were 18 months trying when I went to see Lin – 5 sessions (5 weeks later) I got a positive pregnancy test. I was totally shocked, Lin didn’t seem surprised at all! I am now 14 weeks pregnant and very excited for baby number two! I can’t recommend Lin enough.

Louise, 33y

Fertility acupuncture, low AMH, Stockport.