Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine offer great solutions to male and female fertility issues.

Acupuncture for IVF

Acupuncture has been proven beneficial when using prior to and alongside IVF.

Pain Management

Acupuncture not only offers amazingly quick pain relief but also sustainable long-term maintenance

Looking for an acupuncturist in Manchester or Stockport?

Lin is an experienced practitioner (acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist) specialised in fertility, IVF & pregnancy.

Lin Du

What My Clients Say

I can't say how great acupuncture is, but really the difference is the practitioner. Lin exudes warmth, compassion, knowledge, patience and understanding. She isn't the first acupuncturist I've tried, but she is the best.


I have no doubt that Lin’s talents played a big part in finally conceiving. The treatments I feel alleviated my stress and kept me calm and gave me energy enabling me to enjoy the early stages much more than I’d expected to. We can’t recommend her enough, she’s fantastic!


What My Clients Say

I believe Lin is the best practitioner you can get. She is very very professional, patient, caring, understanding and at the same time also honest and transparent with her treatments. Whenever I had any queries, I could just reach out to her easily for support. She has nurtured an environment for her patients that is very comforting and reliable. I am eternally grateful for Lin's help. 


My migraines have dramatically reduced in number and severity since starting acupuncture with Lin back in January. I can't believe it, totally amazing!