Acupuncture, chronic back pain, Stalybridge

I am a chronic pain sufferer due to an injury at work when I damaged my back whilst lifting a resident at home lea care home in 1999.  As a result I sustained a prolapsed and herniated disc in my lower back, resulting in nerve damage. My condition is inoperable and as a result I was directed towards pain management.

I have attended several courses and have been prescribed the full gamut of medication. Over the years my condition has deteriorated with similar symptoms in my neck. I have tried most aids and have seen chiropractors and an osteopath on a regular basis.

My doctor recommended Lin to me and at that time I was on quite a high amount of prescription drugs. During my time in Lin’s care I have experienced unprecedented levels of pain relief and am virtually free of medication. I have got a new lease of life and my condition is now under control for the first time in many years. I cannot praise Lin highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in my situation.

Eileen, Stalybridge