Acupuncture & herbs, chronic fatigue syndrome, Warrington

I had been off work for 3 months and, each week there was less and less I could do. Firstly I had to stop working, then driving more than a few miles became difficult, then reading became too hard, until the best I could do was walk down stairs in the morning, and hope that if I rested for long enough, I would have the energy to walk back up at night, unaided.

I had been diagnosed with CFS (Post Viral / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) by my GP and he was sympathetic but he had no treatment to offer me apart from antidepressants. I said that I wanted to get better, not feel happier about being unwell!

I had had a similar illness, 1 year before, but had overcome it over 4 months with a version of Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). This time, this wasn’t helping. In fact, after some very gentle exercise, for the next 2 days I was too exhausted to leave the house.

In frustration, I did a lot of research and decided to try some alternative therapies, of which Chinese acupuncture was one.

My Practitioner was Doctor Yu of herbs & acupuncture in Manchester UK. He was very supportive and reassuring and told me he definitely could help, but I needed to be patient, as it would take a while.

I saw Dr Yu each week, initially for 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks I felt like I had turned the corner and felt elated, but realised there was still a way to go. Gradually each week, I got a little better.

  • Firstly I got my short term memory back – and could read the sports pages!
  • Then, gradually my concentration improved – and I could concentrate through a whole DVD.
  • Thirdly – my physical stamina began to pick up so my self and my wife could go out a little more.

3 weeks ago, after a long period off absence, I returned to work on a part time basis. I hope to increase on a phased basis to a full working week, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel after so long away!

To anyone who was sceptical like I was, I say try it for 6 weeks. Monitor yourself objectively

  • Mental focus – what can you read – newspaper /book?
  • Mental stamina – how long can you read for?
  • Physical stamina – how long can you walk for?

If you are not getting better, then stop, and try something else. 

Good Luck!


Warrington, Cheshire

Link to YouTube video made by Peter himself How acupuncture helped me overcome ME/CFS?