Acupuncture & herbs, Crohn’s disease, Manchester

I suffer from Crohn’s disease and in January 2010 underwent an operation to remove a severely diseased section of my small intestine. Although I was on a daily prescription of Western medicine, 12 months later I began to suffer moderate symptoms again, which worsened over the following 6 months. A camera investigation highlighted a large number of ulcers inside my small intestine and I was advised to begin taking a stronger drug with potentially severe side-effects. After continual, yet unsuccessful experimentation with my diet, plus regular visits to the hospital for blood tests and check-ups, I was extremely disheartened to be in this position.  It was at this time that I felt a different approach to treatment might help and I booked a consultation with Lin to discuss possible traditional Chinese treatments. Lin was very positive and her thorough explanations made it clear that this, rather than stronger Western medicine, was the treatment I wanted to pursue. I have been having acupuncture on a weekly basis, whilst also taking herbal medicine, for 4-5 months and I feel much more able to live with Crohn’s disease. Initially, Lin managed to increase my energy levels, which continue to be strong. She has also been able to reduce the number of daily visits I make to the toilet from 5-6, to 1-2.

For obvious reasons, this has made both my working and social life less stressful! Lin has also increased my understanding of myself and Crohn’s disease by providing me with information which has allowed me to manage my diet so that I can reduce any daily symptoms. In all, Lin has made me feel confident that I am the boss of the disease, rather than the disease being the boss of me.

Jonny, Didsbury, Manchester