Acupuncture, fertility, irregular periods, Stockport

Previously to trying, I never thought I would have difficulties getting pregnant- I was relatively young and healthy with no unusual family history.

Coming off the contraceptive pill after 7 years then finding myself 18 months down the line with no success I had to reassess what might be going on – I’d spoken to my GP but it did not help my worries.

After research I approached Lin who helped me chart my cycles – which I’d noted previously were extremely irregular, 23 through to 45 days which made predicting ovulation extremely difficult.

After 6 weeks of acupuncture treatment to support ovulation and assist in the regularity I was thrilled to get my first positive pregnancy test, followed by 12 weeks to support the pregnancy – and can happily confirm today I have a lovely 4 month old little boy!

MH, 31y, Marple, Stockport