Acupuncture, IVF, Manchester

We have been trying for children for over five years, after many failed attempts and one failed course of IVF we decided to give IVF one last chance before we resigned to a childless future.

The previous IVF course had not gone terribly well, the hormone levels were not ideal and the pregnancy ended pretty much the first week of insemination which was completely devastating.

Before starting what we had resolved to be our last attempt at IVF (as it takes everything out of you emotionally) we wanted to give its success every possible chance of working, we found Lin who listed specialism in fertility treatments and complementary IVF work via Chinese medicine.

We started seeing Lin in the November, 2 months prior to our procedure, with weekly visits. She offered frank advice and put us at ease every step of the way.

Come the time of the procedure in the lead up and testing, amazingly every measure of readiness to engage in IVF was perfect! Far from the first time we had undergone the procedure and much to the surprise of the clinic administering the procedure.

We visited Lin at every key stage of the procedure, harvesting, implantation and every week before during and after, Lin even rearranges her entire calendar to be available in the hours directly before and after the crucial embryo transfer.

Two weeks passed and we had the wonderful news that we are pregnant. We continued to visit Lin into the 10th week of pregnancy where she advised we no longer had to visit and that all was well.

We’d be lying if we professed to understand how or why it worked, but we believe Lin’s treatment works. We will always be grateful to her.

Mr & Mrs T

Acupuncture, IVF, Manchester, thank you card.