Acupuncture, knee pain, frozen shoulder, Sale

I am a 63 year old man, who has been crippled with knee problems, a result of an active life on the hills, skiing, and rugby as a lad. An x-ray had revealed fairly serious cartilage and ligament issue, causing a dull general ache, and occasional very sharp pains. It appeared my walking days were done. They were certainly very difficult indeed.

From the Spring of last year, and over a period of twelve treatments, Dr Yu treated my problem with a non-invasive acupuncture process (involving small needles to hit and mend key meridians). There was no additional pain. Initially, the improvements lasted a few hours. Now months on I am quite astounded that I have little pain, can flex my knees properly, and enjoy my hill walking, which had previously becoming an excruciating chore.

Dr Yu at the time treated a frozen shoulder to 90% success, and also cleared a chronic local back problem. He would take no additional payment for these extra treatments, and has indeed restored some my faith in human nature. Our phrase was “New man”, and although the age remains (!). I have a spring in my step which I can only put down to Dr Yu’s sympathetic, skilled, and knowledgeable treatments.

Well done, Sir! And thank you, sincerely.

Mr. Bob Thornton, Sale