Acupuncture & herbs, ulcerative colitis, Sale

I have had ulcerative colitis for 25 years. It is normally quiet and causes no real problems but flare ups do occur when I find myself in really stressful situations. Early last year, after a particularly stressful few months at work, my colitis flared up again, but this time nothing seemed to help for long. The remedies provided by conventional medicine only seemed to help a little and only for a short time and I was becoming quite anxious when a friend suggested that I try acupuncture.

At my first consultation Dr Yu explained that acupuncture could help but that it would not be enough to treat my colitis, especially when I had suffered from it for so long, and he recommended herbal remedies to be taken alongside weekly acupuncture sessions. Over the following months of weekly and then fortnightly acupuncture sessions and daily herbal remedies, my condition improved to the point where I am now better than I have been for many years. A measure of my improved health is the result of my annual colonoscopy examination in January of this year at the end of my treatment with Dr Yu. My colitis was described as “mildly active” – the best result since I was diagnosed with colitis 25 years ago.

Thank you, Dr Yu.

MS JD, Sale