Acupuncture & herbs, vulvodynia, Sale

I first came to see Dr. Yu as I was suffering from repeated urinary infections, candida and a chronic pelvic pain condition called vulvodynia. I had been suffering for many years and had tried a range of complementary and conventional treatments but none had fully been able to help me; I was in some sort of pain or discomfort most days.

Dr. Yu used a combination of acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbs and eventually we were able to get all aspects of my pain and discomfort under control. Dr. Yu really got to understand my body and how I responded and what I needed. He also liaised with other health professionals I had been seeing in order to treat me holistically.

Without Dr. Yu’s expertise, patience and knowledge I believe I would still be frequently in pain and discomfort and seeing him has therefore been life changing. I cannot recommend seeing him enough and will always be grateful to him for the excellent care he has provided.

CL, 39y, Didsbury, Manchester